We can offer you a personalized dietitian conducted by Mari Paz Garcia, a nutritionist and registered dietitian at the University of Alicante, with extensive experience in consulting meal plans for weight loss and control of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension .. .

                                    mari paz garcia

She is currently pursuing a specialization course in Advanced Sports Nutrition, and have sports supplementation products to improve your performance and achieve not just weight loss but improving your marks and achieving your goals in the sport.

To supplement a thorough analysis and perform both global study as specialized in every need, we have the Inbody system, a technology that through bioimpedance, that is the transmission of pulses through the body and allow us to know the exact body composition , distinguishing between water, fat and muscle mass and dividing the results by areas.


In this way, it allows us to attack the specific needs of each person and get the best results. In addition, the patient will find an extra results not only up to the scale, but observing an evolution in body composition.

In order to get an appointment, you can call us on our phone 965 704 519 or 636 083 640.

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