Living with rheumatoid arthritis.

04 oct, 2016

Next 12 of October Word Wide Rheumatoid Arthritis is celebrated, matching this day we want to explain some facts that can improve the quality of life of the patients

Traditionally, the treatment are focuses on reducing the inflammation by corticoids and monoclonal antibodies, they are prescribed by your doctor and they are very effective on reducing the symptoms but they do not sort the problem out. 


To improve the quality of life we have to treat the guts and the liver, as well as avoid all the pro-inflammation agents (stress, smoke, contamination, alcohol, abuse drugs, too much sun, virus, bacteria…).

The liver is very important because is where all the ant inflammation proteins are made from the aminoacids of the diet ( eating blue fish, eggs, chicken, turkey and olive oil cold pressed). As well the liver detox all the toxics that we take.

We can help the liver taking Omega 3 supplements and with some medicinal plants such Curcuma or Thistle.

The intestines are the second brain, for each message that the brain send to the guts, the guts send 10 to the brain, it is full of neurons. Here, in the guts, we have 90% of our immunity.

There is a layer of bacteria in the inner side of our guts called microbiota, it acts like another organ, from the interaction of if with the guts depends many vital functions for the body. Both together are responsible for control of what substances get into the body and what not, they recognize what is normal and what we have to defend from.

 Sometimes this system reacts to normal components as if they were not , this is case of autoimmune illnesses such psoriasis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Chron disease,..

What can we do to help the system microbiota-intestines of these patients?

-Probioticos, help the microbiota to be balanced, it is important the kind of probióticos an the concentration. In the case of arthritis Bifidobacterium Lactis LA 304, Lactobacilus LA 201, Lactobacilus LA 302 in a concentration 10 to the power 9 helps to reduce inflammation the guts.

-Prebioticos is the second step, they are “food for good barcterias” and they should have in the recipe as well Zinc, green tea and glutamine that helps to closed the hole between the intestines cells.


-Diet: first we have to find out what aliments do not suit us ( often milk and products with gluten) and withdraw them. Second the Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegatebles, blue fish, poultry, onions, garlic, olive oil cold pressed and some cheese is the best one.


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