10 tips to deal with menopause

04 oct, 2016

Menopause is a little difficult stage of life for some women to handle, because it brings many changes in the body and has some annoying symptoms. We give you some advice, so that you can meet this time in the best possible way.

1. Follow a varied and balanced diet with low-fat and rich in fruits and vegetables to prevent overweight. It is also important to eat 1,000 mg of calcium a day by consuming dairy products; in addition, vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption, to strengthen the bones.

2. Physical activity is important for cardiovascular benefits, such as improving other vascular functions, and helps maintain muscle strength, bone mineral density and prevent falls.



3. Avoid toxic habits, like smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine.

4. Participate actively in your health management. To do this, you must have extensive information on conditions associated with this stage of life, available treatments, etc., and choose individually (with the advice of your gynecologist, if necessary) most useful treatment options .

5. The leading cause of death after menopause is cardiovascular disease. High-risk patients should change their lifestyle and treat risk factors like high tension or cholesterol.

6. Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women. Go to mammograms, to make an effort to fix the individual risk at an early stage and act on it.

7. A satisfying sex life and a good relationship with the partner is an important factor support during menopause. It is natural, that the mucosa in the vagina gets thinner and dryer, so use lubricants now and then and specially when having sex.       


8. To assess bone mineral density in postmenopausal women younger than 65 years with any of these risk factors: having a first-degree relative with the disease, have had fractures, body mass index below 20, obesity, smoking or having received treatment with corticosteroids. Drug therapy is recommended in women who have two or more risk factors.

9. It is very important that the woman confronts this period with a positive attitude. The end of the menstrual cycle should not make her feel bad. By contrast, it begins a new period in your life and you should not miss this opportunity to be filled with vitality and experience.

10. Maintain the quality of life and well-being should be the main objective of the specialists related to woman’s health and also of the woman herself.


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